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LPRS eRIC Development Kit - Review


Product Performed to Expectations: 10
Specifications were sufficient to design with: 10
Demo Software was of good quality: 8
Product was easy to use: 10
Support materials were available: 9
The price to performance ratio was good: 10
TotalScore: 57 / 60
  • RoadTest: LPRS eRIC Development Kit
  • Buy Now
  • Evaluation Type: Evaluation Boards
  • Was everything in the box required?: Yes - Small size smart package.
  • Comparable Products/Other parts you considered: My first experience with RF device / Collaboration with Arduino Mega 2560.
  • What were the biggest problems encountered?: USB port detection (problem with FTDI driver)

  • Detailed Review:

    Attention! Not finalized version!

    First of all, thank element14 and LPRS for this great opportunity to I can test eRIC Development Kit.

    I. The box


    When I received the package, I found a little purple box. The box is padded by foam, so the devices are protected well.


    Inside the box, there are the following items:

    • 2 eRIC 9 boards with jumpers
    • 2 Antennas
    • 2 USB A - micro USB cables
    • 2 9V Batteries
    • 1 USB stick (LEGO Wireless Mike - awesome!)




    II. Simple impressions


    *in progress*


















    Student opinion
    '' *in progress* ,,


    III. Advanced application

    *in progress*

    There are two solutions: wireless datatransfer with Arduino and wireless weather station.

         Collaboration with Arduino Mega 2560:


         Collaboration with EFM32 Zero Gecko:


    IV. Grading


    Okay, let me explain my ratings. The points are the following:

    • Product Performed to Expectations

    I had not a lots of experience in RF field of design, so I was hoping it will be an easy to use device. And yes, it is! The board is using C programme language and has got clear tutorials and technical manual. The collaboration with Arduino was glib.

    • Specifications were sufficient to design with

    The Kit is provided well. The USB cables could be longer. The batteries are included, good point!

    • Demo Software was of good quality

    There are 3 animated clips, 3 live action clips and 3 tutorials in pdf for Demo.

    The animated clips are friendly, but the quality of sound is not good: it is echoing and sometimes noisy.

    The live action clips has a little problem: when doing something on the computer, they are recording it with a hand camera. Maybe the screen recording should be better for this part.

    The steps of install of Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio is written in 1st Tutorial. The actual TI's webpage and install steps are different, but everybody can install the CCS with a little logic The settings of CCS are written in 2nd Tutorial. The CCS is logical structured. The coding and the code upload to the eRIC board is written in the last, 3rd Tutorial.

    • Demo was easy to use

    The tutorials are absolutely easy to use. These are clear and detailed.

    • Support materials were available

    The datasheet and development manual are understandable. The technical structure of board is found in the datasheet, and there is a detailed description for the programming in the manual. These are enough for starting to work with eRIC. Unfortunatelly, the demos has a little deficiency. Finally, the technical support of LPRS (in e-mail) is quick and professional, it is a good point!

    • The price to performance ratio was good

    At Farnell/Newark element14 the price is (2014.12.03.):

            £93,52 (the UK),

    118,76 € (Germany),

    $175,53 (the USA),

    35 625 HUF (Hungary),

    CNY 785,40  (China),

    Rs. 11 133,00 (India).


    It is a hard question: the performance is a subjective aspect, but the price is different for each country (only the ratios: eRIC 9 in Hungary: 35 625 HUF + VAT (27%), average net salary: 153 900 HUF; eRIC 9 in Germany: 118,76 € + VAT (19%), average net salary: 2054 €). All in all, the eRIC Development Kit is a good choose for low cost RF application.


    V. Final judgement


    Summarizing the foregoing, eRIC has some little failures (driver problem, short cable) nevertheless this is a very good RF device, if somebody want to start learning the communication with radio frequency and/or want to use a low cost communication board.


    It is absolutely recommended!


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