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Advantech WISE-4012E IoT Developer Kit - Review


Product Performed to Expectations: 9
Specifications were sufficient to design with: 10
Demo Software was of good quality: 7
Product was easy to use: 6
Support materials were available: 10
The price to performance ratio was good: 8
TotalScore: 50 / 60
  • RoadTest: Advantech WISE-4012E IoT Developer Kit
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  • Evaluation Type: Independent Products
  • Was everything in the box required?: Yes

  • Detailed Review:



    This is my first time working with an IOT product and the Advantech WISE-4012E proved to be a good introduction.

    This is the basic, "developer" package, which gives just enough I/O options to learn the fundamentals on.

    It has 2 analog 0-10V inputs, 2 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs. While this may be very limiting for anything

    other than the simplest of projects, as stated, it's a learning tool, there is a full line of much more capable

    modules from project IOT apps all the way up to full industrial instrumentation.

    The package also comes with a really nice extension board which gives simulated inputs and relay status

    indicators for easy testing of your setup.






    Setup of the module couldn't be easier using either a computer or using Advantech's mobile app IoT Pro.

    You can view the active status of your input settings or view the internal data loggger.

    Cloud upload of data can be setup for Dropbox, Aliyun OSS, Advantech's WebAccess, or your own private server.

    I was quite impressed with the quick response of the module to changes to input in real time through the interface.






    Advantech provides a time limited version of their Web Access software which is a configurable web interface for HMI (human machine interface) and SCADA ( supervisory control and data acquisition).

    This is geared more for the industrial instrumentation sector. There is a IoT demo project for the WISE-4012E which creates a automated personal greenhouse with lighting and ventilation control.



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