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E36313A Triple Output DC P.S. - Review


Product Performed to Expectations: 10
Specifications were sufficient to design with: 10
Demo Software was of good quality: 10
Product was easy to use: 10
Support materials were available: 10
The price to performance ratio was good: 10
TotalScore: 60 / 60
  • RoadTest: E36313A Triple Output DC P.S.
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  • Evaluation Type: Power Supplies
  • Was everything in the box required?: Yes
  • Comparable Products/Other parts you considered: I have used many different power supplies but this one has more great features than any of the other supplies I have used.
  • What were the biggest problems encountered?: I have had no technical problems with this instrument. It is so versatile, it will be hard to show everything it can do.

  • Detailed Review:

    Power supplies are one of the most fundamental requirements in any electronics lab and the Keysight E36313A is an outstanding example of how to deliver this functionality with a spectacular array of useful features.

    Just having 3 outputs where all output voltages and currents are displayed simultaneously is already an awesome set of features that takes the place of 3 power supplies and 6 meters – absolutely beautiful.

    The high accuracy of measurements in this instrument truly does eliminate the need for separate meters and the ability to ensure accurate voltage at the point of load is crucial when emulating in-circuit power supplies.

    Not only does this device replace a whole bench full of equipment, it can also automatically log data, saving extensive amounts of the user's time and tedious manual note taking.

    Additionally it can create power sequences which are normally very difficult to implement.

    Features like power sequencing and data logging allow designs to be easily tested and optimized even when the tests are complex.

    Other very attractive aspects of this instrument are the user interface and communications capabilities.

    To any electronics enthusiast who spends time on the bench, this power supply represents a sumptuously delicious complement of important features and it is a real treat to have this device available when needed. I have only just begun to use it and already it has become the go-to supply for all my projects. I expect it will actually improve the way my projects are tested.

    The opportunity to have access to such a great power supply is very exciting and a road test is a super way to learn how to use all of its fabulous features.

    This road test will start off with a series of 6 short videos describing my first impressions of the interesting features that I initially tried.

    The second series of videos will highlight some of the intriguing  and exotic features in a little more depth.

    The third series of videos will show the power supply performing in real applications.



    Power On


    Power Sequencing


    Power Supply Accuracy


    Series and Parallel Operation


    First Impressions


    Battery Charging & Logging - Constant Current To Constant Voltage


    Battery Discharging & Logging - Constant Load Resistance

    Electromagnetic Emissions



    The following applications not only help to showcase what this power supply can do, they also provide interesting or useful information associated with the application.

    In the past I have performed extensive battery tests using a whole cart full of heavy equipment, but when looking through the features of this power supply, it struck me that the whole process could be handled by this one compact device.

    Setting Up to Automate Charge / Discharge Cycling Using a 4-Wire Constant Current Load Configuration

    I was really impressed with the way the 4-wire system took my constant current load circuit in stride and stayed stable, event though I introduced extra gain and a big voltage drop between the power and the feedback.


    Automating the Charge / Discharge Cycle Using BenchVue

    Battery testing is one of those very long, very tedious activities where you really appreciate the ability to automate the process.


    Are your USB cables adequate?

    This question has been bugging me for a while now. With the proliferation of USB power supplies and endless numbers of cable suppliers I am starting to run into more power supply issues. I have built systems to test USB power supplies, but right now I am focusing on the cables.

    These USB cable tests are very simple to perform when you have a power supply like this Keysight that has accurate voltage measurement and accurate current control.

    It turns out I have a lot of cables that are pretty marginal at supplying higher currents. I am going to need to find a way to label my cable resistances, but in the mean time at least I now have the ability to quickly measure cable resistance.


    I am very impressed with this power supply. It has an extremely useful set of high performance features.


    Stay tuned for more content to be added here.....


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