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Energy Harvesting Solution To Go

Enrollment Closed

Start Date: 2/25/13 06:00 PM

End Date: 3/18/13 06:00 PM

Kits Offered: 5

Applicants: 75


Energy Harvesting KitThe "Energy Harvesting Solution To Go" Kit provides easy access to energy harvesting technologies which helps developers to apply them in their innovative projects.
Developers receive a complete solution which allows them to harvest the energy, manage it and store it for use in their applications. The development of a battery less products is made easy by the kit's generous selection of components, schematics and software examples. The kit's utilisation of the most efficient components on the market today will enable developers to utilise precious harvested energy to maximum effect.
Visit Energy Harvesting Solutions for more information.
The Challenge
Challenge PictureIndividuals selected for this RoadTest will embark on the following challenge: each will be provided with an Energy Harvesting Solution to Go Kit, and use it make a new product which will either use Energy Harvesting to replace a device that uses battery or mains power, or alternatively, create an entirely new gadget of their own design. The resulting prototypes should be practical to the point where they could be turned into genuine, mainstream products. Competitors will be judged on their fulfilment of this brief and by the quality of content produced during the course of their projects: blogs, videos and designs.
Product Video
Terms & Conditions
  • Individuals will be selected for the Energy Harvesting Road Test Challenge (henceforth, "The Challenge") on the basis of quality of applications: we expect a full and complete description of why you want to take part in this challenge and your initial ideas for utilising the kit effectively.
  • Individuals selected for the Challenge will be required to blog about their projects on a weekly basis.  Additional content such as videos and designs will be an added bonus when it comes to judging competitors.
  • Failure by a selected individual to participate in accordance with the parameters of the Challenge, provided no reasonable cause for this inability to participate is given, may result in exclusion from future Road Tests and challenges.



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