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Adafruit FLORA - Get Closer Wearables Challenge

Enrollment Closed

Start Date: 6/24/13 07:00 PM

End Date: 7/15/13 07:00 PM

Kits Offered: 8

Applicants: 120


get-closer-image.pngThe Adafruit FLORA represents a great advance in wearable technology: it is The specified item was not found. compatible as well as supports a variety of sensors and add-on devices including: Bluetooth, GPS, 3-axis accelerometer, compass module, flex sensor, piezo, IR LED, push button, embroidered + capacitive keypad, OLED and more.
The Challenge
Five RoadTest challenge competitors (that could be you!) will build wearable electronics projects to enhance your daily lives using the FLORA platform. Possible applications: telepresence color-changing lamps, GPS-guided scavenger hunts, motion-activated bouquets for Mom, and so much more. We are looking for technology that helps people get that much closer.
We will be selecting the competitors after the enrolment period closes on July 15th.  Shortly afterwards, each competitor will be provided with the following bundle of items:
  1. FLORA GPS Starter Pack (includes the Adafruit FLORA board)
  2. Tactile On/Off Switch with Leads
  3. FLORA  Lux Sensor - TSL2561 Light Sensor (v1.0)
  4. FLORA Accelerometer/Compass Sensor - LSM303(v1.0)
  5. Magnetic Pin Back
  6. JST-PH Battery Extension Cable - 500mm
  7. Woven Conductive Fabric - Silver 20cm square
  8. FLORA Color Sensor - TCS34725
The competition will run from the end of July through September.  Competitors will be judged on their creative fulfilment of the challenge and by the quality of media produced during the course of their projects: blog posts, videos and designs, all of which will be posted on the The specified item was not found. group.  The winner will receive a grand prize of one Arduino Robot and a handmade wearable electronics project by Adafruit/Becky Stern (like the LED Ampli-Tie or Sparkle Skirt).
How to Enter
If you are not a member of element14, please click here to join.  If you are a member, click the orange Enroll button on the right just below the Competition title.  Fill out the form completely, including your address and telephone number (necessary so the shipping company can contact you if you are selected); please detail your project in the "Reason for the RoadTest" box.  Please be as detailled as possible about your project ideas; the most innovative and well-thought out proposals will be the ones we select.
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Terms & Conditions
  • Individuals will be selected for the "Get Closer" Wearable Technology Challenge (henceforth, "The Challenge") on the basis of quality of applications: we expect a full and complete description of why you want to take part in this challenge and your initial ideas for utilising the kit effectively.
  • Individuals selected for the Challenge will be required to blog about their projects on a weekly basis.  Additional content such as videos and designs will be an added bonus when it comes to judging competitors.
  • Failure by a selected individual to participate in accordance with the parameters of the Challenge, provided no reasonable cause for this inability to participate is given, may result in exclusion from future Road Tests and challenges.



Enrollment Closes: Oct 31 
Enrollment Closes: Oct 31 
Enrollment Closes: Oct 31 
Enrollment Closes: Nov 1 
Enrollment Closes: Oct 31 
Enrollment Closes: Nov 1 
Enrollment Closes: Oct 31 


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