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Cypress PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Smarter Life Challenge

Enrollment Closed

Start Date: 9/22/13 07:00 PM

End Date: 10/14/13 07:00 PM

Kits Offered: 10

Applicants: 137


PSoC4_pioneer-kit-image_med.pngPSoC® 4 is Cypress's newest ARM-based PSoC, featuring the low-power Cortex-M0 core combined with PSoC's unique programmable mixed-signal hardware IP, resulting in the industry's most flexible and scalable low-power mixed-signal architecture. Use PSoC 4 with PSoC Creator™ to create unique designs, shorten development schedules, and accelerate your time-to-market.
Key Features
  • ARM® Cortex™-M0 CPU up to 48MHz
  • Up to 32 kB Flash, 4 kB SRAM
  • Programmable Analog: Op-Amps, 12-bit 1Msps SAR ADC
  • Programmable Digital: Four PLD-based Logic Blocks
  • CapSense® Touch Sensing
  • Low Power 1.71 to 5.5V Operation
  • 150nA Hibernate Mode, 20nA Stop Mode
The Challenge
smartlifelogo.pngTen RoadTest challenge competitors (that could be you!) will build "Smarter Life" projects to enhance their home, office and / or car using the PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit; each competitor will also receive $500 budget to purchase additional components to help reach their goals and a 12 month license for CadSoft Eagle Pro. Possible projects include (but are not limited to):
  • A smart washing machine: it can tweet you when your wash is done and potentially with the use of a colour sensor, detect events such as a "red sock being mixed with the whites".
  • A smart oven: which can switch off automatically when it detects food is about to burn and send you tweets when the timer is done, rather than relying on the chef hearing the bell go off.
  • A smart toaster: which can use chemical sensors to know when toast is being carbonised and stop the process.
  • A smart coffee maker: which can respond to voice commands and tweet you when it has finished brewing.
  • A smarter car: which can interface with office e-mail systems and alert drivers on a long commute of schedule changes and incoming messages.
The competition will run from October 28, 2013 through January 17, 2014.  Competitors will be judged on their creative fulfilment of the challenge and by the quality of media produced during the course of their projects: blog posts, videos and designs, all of which will be posted on element14's Cypress PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit group.
The Prizes
  • The 10 finalists will each receive a $500 voucher for element14's retail sites to fulfil their projects in addition to a PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit. They will also each receive a 12 month license for CadSoft Eagle Pro.
  • The Grand Prize winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to Embedded World, the largest trade conference of its kind in the world, which will be held in Germany in February 2014; they will also have the opportunity to showcase their designs at Cypress' and element14's stalls and network with their peers.
  • The Grand Prize winner will also receive a gift certificate redeemable at element14's online retail sites.
  • The Second Prize Winner will receive a $1500 voucher for element14's online retail sites.
  • The People's Choice Winner, based on community polling which begins on December 16, 2013 and ends on January 17, 2014 will receive a $1500 voucher for element14's online retail sites.
Note: we may support some proposals which are not selected for the competition by providing additional kit; everyone can be a winner.
How to Enter
If you are not a member of element14, please click here to join.  If you are a member, click the orange Enroll button on the right just below the Competition title.  Fill out the form completely, including your address and telephone number (necessary so the shipping company can contact you if you are selected); please detail your project in the "Reason for the RoadTest" box.  Please be as detailled as possible about your project ideas; the most innovative and well-thought out proposals will be the ones we select.
Terms & Conditions
  • Individuals will be selected for the "Cypress PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Smarter Life" Challenge (henceforth, "The Challenge") on the basis of quality of applications: we expect a full and complete description of why you want to take part in this challenge and your initial ideas for utilising the Cypress PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit effectively.
  • Individuals selected for the Challenge will be required to blog about their projects on a weekly basis.  Additional content such as videos and designs will be an added bonus when it comes to judging competitors.
  • Failure by a selected individual to participate in accordance with the parameters of the Challenge, provided no reasonable cause for this inability to participate is given, may result in exclusion from future Road Tests and challenges.
  • This competition is not open to individuals employed either by the Premier Farnell group of companies or Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.



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