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10A SWIFT™ Power Module EVM (Sync Buck Converter)

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Start Date: 11/3/17 09:00 AM

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This EVM is designed to demonstrate the ease-of-use and small printed-circuit board (PCB) area that's possible when designing with synchronous buck power modules for currents up to 10A.



Learn More About Power Modules at this Webinar: Texas Instruments Webinar: Do More with Power Modules



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This evaluation module is designed to demonstrate the ease-of-use and small printed-circuit board (PCB) area possible when designing with the TPSM84A21 power module. Monitoring test points are provided to allow measurement of efficiency, power dissipation, input ripple, output ripple, line and load regulation, and transient response. Additionally, control test points are provided for use of the power good, inhibit control, and undervoltage lockout features of the device. The EVM uses a recommended PCB layout that maximizes thermal performance and minimizes output ripple and noise.


About SWIFT™ power modules

Highly integrated SWIFT™ power modules eliminate input and output capacitors to provide best transient performance for space-constrained applications


About The Synchronous Buck Power Module TPSM84A22

The TPSM84A22 is an easy-to-use integrated power solution that combines the TPS54A20, a 10-A, DC/DC, synchronous, step-down converter with power MOSFETs, shielded inductors, input and output capacitors, and passives into a low profile package. This total power solution requires only one voltage-setting resistor, and eliminates the loop compensation and magnetics part selection from the design process.



The completely integrated power solution allows standard applications to operate with no additional input or output capacitors and only a single external resistor to set the output voltage. High frequency operation, ultra-fast transient response, and accurate voltage regulation allow the TPSM84A22 to meet tight regulation specs.




The 9 x 15 mm PCB footprint is easy to solder onto a printed circuit board and allows a compact, low-profile point-of-load design.




  • Fully Integrated Power Solution Includes Input and Output Capacitors
  • Only Requires a Single Voltage Setting Resistor
  • 9 mm x 15 mm Footprint
  • 2.3 mm Max Height
  • Pin Compatible with TPSM84A21
  • Ultra-Fast Load Step Response
  • Efficiencies up to 90%
  • 1% Output Voltage Accuracy
  • 4 MHz Switching Frequency
  • Synchronizes to an External Clock
  • Power Good Output
  • Pre-bias Output Start-up
  • Programmable Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
  • Operating IC Junction Range: -40°C to +125°C
  • Operating Ambient Range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Meets EN55022 Class B Emissions


Additional Information

TPSM84A22 10A SWIFT™ Power Module (8V--14V Input, 1.2V--2.05V Output)

Power Modules Overview

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