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element14 Community


Established in 2009, the element14 Community is the industry standard for electronics collaboration. It has popular technical blogs, videos and webinars that provide information on the latest in electronics trends such as the Internet of Things and Wireless Technologies. It also hosts the very popular Ben Heck Show. It is a place where you can:
  • CONNECT with a community of thousands of engineers and innovators from all over the world.
  • LEARN about the very latest in new technology from industry experts, suppliers, independent sources and user reviews.
  • CREATE and source your next electronics project with access to 24/7 community support to tackle tough project challenges.
  • INSPIRE and be Inspired; build your next project and help others to create a better connected world.
Our Exclusive Features

element14 Design Challenge

By connecting engineers to powerful new ideas, the latest technologies, and to each other, the element14 Design Challenge is creating innovative solutions to everyday problems.

element14 Design Center

Find hardware and software development tools all in one place! Explore our huge selection of hardware development tools and software products, all supported with the technical resources you will need.

EAGLE PCB Design Software

Whether you are a team of one, or part of a large engineering department, EAGLE provides quality PCB design software with the features that get the job done.

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The Ben Heck Show

New Episodes Every Friday! Join master hacker, engineer, and tech hobbyist Ben Heck as he tackles new and fun interesting projects each week. He will show you how you can take on all kinds of electronic projects.

element14 RoadTest

Join element14 and apply to test brand new products from top manufacturers like Texas Instruments, Freescale, Microchip, and Tektronix. If selected, you'll receive a new product to put through the paces.

Online Learning

Stay up-to-date on the latest engineering topics. From the hottest technologies to the latest design trends. Together with our manufacturer partners, we offer Webinars on a wide range of engineering topics.

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