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    Ask the Expert, Mike McGlade

      Do you have a question?  Mike has the answers!   Don't forget to sign up for the email notifications so you'll know when he has the answer.

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          I found your message under recent posts but I'm not sure where to actually post to be sure that the 'experts' like Mike see it?  I'm guessing that to ask Mike we need to post it in the supplier section under Microchip?- but it would be great if we had a discussion group that all the experts could see as some qhestions could be answered by serveral suppliers.



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              Hi Pete,


              You are in the right place! By replying to this thread you have posted to the discussion for "Ask the Expert" for Microchip. We will have experts in several of our supplier areas, as well as independent experts in specific technologies. Each will have a thread to manage questions for that supplier and/or technology.

              Haveing a way to see all Expert discussions in one place is a good idea. We can accomplish that as well.