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    HPGL <-> Eagle conversion


      Inkscape is great open source software (although it crashes frequently) which can import a bunch of formats including bitmap and DXF.

      It can export into HPGL format, and the simple code below can be used to convert to Eagle script files.

      I tried this with a DXF file from Solidworks and it worked well. Also it was possible to convert a bitmap image (Truetype

      text) into line art using inkscape's 'trace bitmap' function, convert to HPGL and then convert to Eagle script format.

      The code can be compiled using "g++ hpgl2eagle.c". To execute, type:

      hpgl2eagle myinputfile.hpgl myoutputfile.scr


      Source code is here because I have trouble uploading files to element14. If someone wants to enhance it or to generate an

      executable and upload it somewhere that would be great (I tested on a MAC).

      Hopefully one day someone can write an Inkscape plug-in that can import/export Eagle script files.