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    Progress made on WEEE standards


      The WEEE forum, which represents 39 electronic waste collection schemes across Europe, has approved proposed standards for the collection, sorting, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal of electronic and electrical waste.

      The standards have been developed as part of the EU-funded WEEELABEX project. The project aims to ensure all WEEE operators across the EU are adhering to the same standards. Recognised operators will be awarded the WEEELABEX label or quality mark.

      The standards are expected to be finalised by the end of April and will be published by CENELEC, the European standardisation body. In order to qualify for the WEEELABEX quality mark, operators must implement the new standards by the end of 2012 (Eastern European countries will follow in 2014).

      Sourced from ENDS Europe


      Will WEEELABEX really work? It can't be denied that the scheme has positive intentions but will it deliver real results or just be a paper-chasing exercise?




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