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    New digital temperature sensor cuts power consumption, size by more than 75 percent


      Texas Instruments (TI) has unveiled what it claims to be the industry's smallest—measuring only 0.76 mm x 0.76 mm-- most power-efficient digital temperature sensor. According to the company the TMP103EVMTMP103EVM consumes 97 percent less power and is 75 percent smaller than the next closest competitor. The sensor draws a maximum of 1 uA while in shutdown mode and 3 uA while in active mode to extend battery life. TI says that in its active state, the TMP103EVMTMP103EVM draws approximately half the power of the next closest competitor in shutdown state.

      The device also provides global read/write functionality to ease thermal profiling of portable consumer electronics. Using a single command, eight TMP103EVMTMP103EVM devices mounted on the board can simultaneously identify and monitor hotspots. The TMP103EVMTMP103EVM enables longer battery life and smaller form factors for products such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and netbooks.

      The TMP103EVMTMP103EVM is available now in a 0.76-mm x 0.76-mm WCSP package for a suggested retail price of $0.39 in 1,000-unit quantities.