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    Status report: mission tuning...


      Hi again!

      been away for a while but not inactive!

      For those of you who are new: I've got myself a Chevrolet Corvette which I'm preparing to chip-tune or actually: completely re-map.

      What's unusual with this project is that I'm doing it all from scratch myself. I'm not buying (the easy, and expensive way) pre-made anything!

      I'm even building the programmer of the chip myself...


      What has happened:

      I've identified and bought a better suitable chip (faster and stores more commands..but still will "talk" to the ECM - the computer of the car).

      I've worked out how the programmer should be - made the PCB and got the components.

      I've made an ALDL cable inteface - the cable that makes it possible to connect the car to a computer.

      I've taken out the data from the car as it is today (will be fun to compare with "after tune up")

      I've made sure all sensors and transducers are fit on the car - also cleaned fuel injectors, adjusted TPS, IAC valves etc etc...

      Made sure all connectors and elctrical connections is ok.


      So we're really getting there!

      Mounting the PCB's and then we're off!!!


      Tips and hints are still welcome (except: "why do you bother, this is to find all over the internet, why invent the wheel again...?" - if you think like that you've missed out on the point of this project..).

      I look forward to your input!


      BR/ Marcus