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    RoHS and REACH certifications




      I have a question regarding RoHS and REACH certifications:


      even if RoHS and REACH use quite different approach to substances and restriction in their use, does a REACH certification cover and imply RoHS compliance because in some statements REACH regulation refers to RoHS? Or two distinct and explicit certifications are needed?


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          REACH and RoHS cover very different types of chemicals and substances and the six RoHS substances have not yet been placed on the REACH Candidate List.


          Also there is no such thing as a "REACH Certificate" only that declarations are required to state if something is SVHC free or if that it does contain a current SVHC that the name of that SVHC is advised and any Safe Use Data for the handling of the product is supplied.


          In the coming years the process for adding substances to the list of RoHS restrictions may moved to a similar method of that used by the REACH Regulation but no new substances were added to the current six when the RoHS Recast came into force on 21st July 2011.


          Suppliers/Manufactures may post their RoHS and REACH information on the same section of their websites or even in the same document but two separate and unique statements will be required