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    Final figure for 2010 Batteries data to be revealed?


      In March 2011 when the Environment Agency reported the UK had achieved a 9.56% waste portable battery collection rate, just short of the 10% target, disappointment was widespread. Then came the news that one producer compliance scheme, CCR REBAT, had not had its information included in the total.

      Letsrecycle.com has reported that the differences between the EA and CCR REBAT have now been resolved and that a final figure will be released soon.
      CCR REBAT’s UK managing director, Stephan Matz, said: “With regards to 2010 CCR had a different interpretation of the regulations in some aspects - i.e. definition of sorting, the role of recyclers abroad - than the EA which has been resolved for the future".

      As part of the EU Batteries Directive, the UK has been set a target of collecting 25% of waste portable batteries by 2012. The long-awaited final figure for 2010 will reveal how close, or indeed how far, the UK is from achieving its targets in a year’s time.

      Do you think that the UK will have achieved the 10% collection rate? Is it too high / too low? What are the provisions like to achieve it?

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      Article adapted from letsrecycle.com


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