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    How Do I Replace a 5 Pin Volume Control (Potentiometer/Variable Resistor)?


      Hi, this is my first post so please forgive me if this is in the wrong place entirely.

      I am currently working on a control panel for my audio and video devices about my room. I have two video inputs, one output. Three Audio inputs, two outputs.
      Here is a quick diagram of what I am going for.

      Please note that the connections are haphazardly placed. They do not represent what switches they are intended to work with.
      Also, looking again at this picture, the Line Switch switches between having the line or (xbox or mac) Hope that makes sense, however, that is irrelvant to my question.

      Red is audio, Green is video. I ahve attached this so you can have the large version if you cannot read the labels.

      I have everything figured out except the volume dial for the speakers.

      My speakers are Creative SBS 2.1 370. Here is a picture:



      So I unscrewed the little controller and I found a switch, 2 resistors, an LED to indicate power on and a 5 pin potentiometer which is the volume control. Also there are 6 cables to the little board.

      Now the aim is to replace this board with big parts, a nice big LED, a big toggle switch and a big volume knob. The LED and Switch are very easy to do. I need help with the potentiometer.

      I know how a normal 3 pin pot works but I have no idea how to even start

      I've been looking everywhere for some kind of wiring diagram but can't find anything.

      So this is where I need help. How do I go about replacing this? Is there some method of measuring each pin with an ohmeter? Or are there some datasheets I'm missing?

      Here is two photos of the board.


      Circuit is NEPTUNE MMS110 REV A


      Sorry to drag this out. Just wanted to make sure I have made myself clear.

      The really ghetto way would be to mechanical turn this pot, but I'm curious about how to solve this.
      Any advice on how to go about replacing this pot will be greatly appreciated. Please don't hesistate to ask questions or leave comments.