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    EU Batteries Directive a Cause for Concern


                      In a recent revelation the EU has shifted its stance on waste battery recycling efficiencies.  The change comes as a result of meetings which took place at the beginning of September, aimed at addressing the amount of material reclaimed from waste batteries during recycling.  Member states are required to report the level of material recovered and the amount of batteries collect to the EU, who use the data to monitor the success of recycling.  Member states require this information be provided by compliance schemes and waste battery treatment facilities.


                      Previously the EU had not agreed a mechanism by which recycling efficiencies be calculated, which lead member states and battery recyclers to believe this information would not be required.  Recent developments turned this belief on its head, with the EU declaring member states must implement their own method of calculating recycling targets and that recyclers must begin reporting as such at the start of October!


                      The decision has been met with scepticism and a little bemusement with fears about misaligned data being produced by member states acting individually.  Recyclers worry that processes which have been heavily invested in might become obsolete, not to mention the lack of preparation time between the date of this decision and the date of reporting.  DEFRA indicated it would take a pragmatic approach, working with recyclers and the EU to find a solution.







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