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    Missings & Problems

    Matt Collinge

      After using the API for a few days, here's what I think is missing (or wrong) in the product search API.


      • Pass back a currency code for the store being used, so that widget developers don't need to implement a lookup matrix themselves
      • Pass back the full image url.. I know how to find it, but other developers won't
      • Pass back the thumbnail image url.. I know how to get this, but other developers won't
      • Price is not formatted to a certain number of decimal places (e.g. 3.4 instead of 3.40).. should we expect developers to do this to 2, or should the API be passing back exactly how many we want to display for each locale + product (i.e. some products might be 0.1 pence?).
      • displayName is a concatenation of Manuf + Manuf Part # + Product title... but the data doesn't contain Product title on it's own. The developer would need to dynamically strip the rest of the stuff off to get the title.. yuck!
      • Image has disappeared from the medium payload
      • No way to pass in multiple SKUs to bring back a 'tight' list. The OpenSearch equivalent being this; http://uk.farnell.com/pffind/RSSFeedServlet?loc=en_UK&q=1349006,1877695&t=skus Ah, I've worked out how to do this
      • No way to tell the search to be confined to particular class code(s). In OpenSearch, this is achieved via the state parameter.
      • No way to bring back product categories when the number of results is too many (>25 in the OpenSearch API, unless you force it to send back skus with the t=skus parameter).