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    Are you a UK battery distributor? Any idea of your battery recycling obligations?


      Who is a distributor?


      You are classed as a distributor if you sell over 32kg of portable batteries to end users (the Environment Agency class this as the public or businesses) either in person at a store, over the internet or by mail.


      According to the VCA, if you sell under 32kg then you are exempt from the requirements.

      In addition if you sell batteries as part of equipment containing the battery and not as separate units then you are also exempt from the distributor obligations, but may be subject to ‘producer’ obligations.



      IMPORTANT – You may also be classed as a ‘producer’ under the regulations, if you are someone who puts batteries, or products containing batteries, onto the market for the first time. Read more about battery producer obligations.




      Distributor battery recycling obligations


      As the 1st February 2010, all distributors:


      • Must have a free facility to take back portable batteries from any member of the public (as simple as putting out a battery bin).
      • Must provide information at point of sale about the take back facility which you provide (this must be funded by you although BCS can sometimes supply collection containers. Defra have also developed some publicity material which you can use.)
      • Must accept all forms of portable battery, not just the types you sell.


      When you need your batteries collected, you can ring an approved BCS who will arrange for the collection of the batteries free-of-charge.




      Approved Battery Compliance Schemes


      A list of approved BCS can be found at: http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/business/regulation/107939.aspx




      Who enforces distributor battery obligations?


      Defra have appointed the Vehicle Certification Agency to enforce the distributor obligations of the Battery Directive.


      Contact VCA for specific enquiries: http://www.vca.gov.uk/enforcement/battery-recycling.asp or email on batteries@vca.gov.uk or by phone on 08448000819






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