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    EAGLE ulp generates wrong scale -- how to fix?


      I'm trying to do isolation milling circuit board prototyping using Eagle lite version 6.0.0. This is the first version of Eagle I've used, so I'm a newbie!

      To generate the mill control file, I'm using a script called fablab-mill-n-drill.ulp from here: http://fablab.marcboon.com/pcb/step2.html

      Actual script: http://fablab.marcboon.com/pcb/fablab-mill-n-drill.ulp


      Unfortunately, when I run this script, it generates the outlines in a very small scale in the lower-left corner of the board. I'm using the "singlesided" PCB from examples.

      Image attached. The purple thing in the lower left is the generated traces; zoom image also included.


      So, my guess is that the way scale in generating outlines works has changed between when this script was created in 2008, and version 6 in 2011.

      I'm a software developer by trade, but have never used Eagle or the ULP language before. If I know how to properly compensate for scale, I could probably hack it into the program. But where do I look to figure out what the right scale should be, or how otherwise to fix this script?


      Any suggestions or pointers more specific than "it's somewhere in the manual" would beappreciated!