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    Re: Eagle Library (.lbr) file for Arduino Nano?

      Warren Brayshaw wrote:

      Amjad Kamil wrote:

      >> This not foe Arduino Nano but for Duemilanove.


      Please carify what your one sentence means if you still require

      assistance. Your post asked for a Nano library

      My assist pointed you to a Nano library.

      Are you now saying that you meant to ask for Duemilanove?




      I see the problem. It is not obvious that the URL to the nano library is a

      clickable link and you likley chose the link to the  Duemilanove in the


      The link to the nano is at the words "jet's EAGLE lib o' doom"

      Reproduced here http://www.flatline.net/Projects/Misc/jet-lib.lbr








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