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    Midas I2C LCDs

    Andy Clark (Workshopshed)

      Has anyone tried connecting up one of these I2C LCDs to their Arduino?


      MIDAS - MCCOG21605B6W-BNMLWIMCCOG21605B6W-BNMLWI - LCD, COG 2X16, NEG STN, W B/L, I2C  - Order Code: 20632092063209




      I've got as far as looking at the Wire library http://arduino.cc/it/Reference/Wire and the LCD hardware page http://arduino.cc/playground/Code/LCD  and reading http://www.robot-electronics.co.uk/acatalog/I2C_Tutorial.html


      I've also watched Jeremy's videos but they are not totally relavent as they are looking at different things




      I think I'm happy with the wiring it up, pull up resistors etc. I'm also guessing it will require an external psu to be hooked up.


      I've not yet ordered the display so it might be straight forward when I get it but just getting as much help as I can before getting going.