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        Thanks Morgaine, I will try to get around to this for you.


        Jacques_nil: here is the full Bonnie output for that card:


        Version  1.96   ------Sequential Output------ --Sequential Input- --Random-
        Concurrency   1 -Per Chr- --Block-- -Rewrite- -Per Chr- --Block-- --Seeks--
        Machine    Size K/sec %CP K/sec %CP K/sec %CP K/sec %CP K/sec %CP  /sec %CP
        raspberrypi368M23  99  8722  25  4698  14   360  99 13419  13 119.8  18
        Latency           830ms3339ms 940ms   30000us   69999us 610ms
        Version  1.96   ------Sequential Create------ --------Random Create--------
        raspberrypi     -Create-- --Read--- -Delete-- -Create-- --Read--- -Delete--
                  files  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec %CP
                     16  1654  61 +++++ +++  2739  66  1847  67 +++++ +++  2080  50
        Latency           989ms   10000us   10000us1069ms   10000us2014ms



        As for the HD Video streaming... easier said than done.

        I am currently chasing my tail trying to get something to work.  VLC doesn't work because it needs a specific version of alsa-lib.  It would appear that on debian this is called libasound2 and is the latest version when I checked, so not sure how to get that working.  I am guessing that I probably need an older version, and that VLC isn't pulling that in.


        I then thought I would try a different media player, but it looks like "debian-multimedia-keyring" is pretty fundamental and I cannot find a source for it that works on the Pi.


        I guess these are just noob issues on my part, and I am learning loads each time I hit another dead-end.

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          OK, got "debian-multimedia-keyring" to install manually by downloading the .deb file and installing with dpkg -i.


          I then installed SMPlayer and Gnome MPlayer.  Tested with a standard definition file streaming from my NAS over my Gigabit backbone.  Playback had no audio and was at best running at one third of the frame rate it should have been.  I have no doubt that the R-Pi is capable of better than that, but something is obviously not right.


          I wonder if it is the debian build?

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            Once again, thank you



            Sequential disk write:

            with putc() : 23Kbytes/sec, cpu overhead 99%          <- horrible, but this is due to SD card that do not like small writes

            with write() : 8.72MB/sec, cpu overhead 25%

            read,seek,write : 4.7MB/sec, cpu overhead 14%

            Sequential disk read:

            with getc(): 360Kbytes/sec, cpu overhead 99%

            Block read: 13.4MB,, cpu overhead 13%                   <- better than your first test

            Seek time: 8.3ms ( = 1 / 119.8)


            Read perfs. are not bad, but the poor write perfs.are for sure 100% due to the SD, wich are optimized for writing big block of data.

            That should have no effect on applications that read a lot and write few, but when running multiple tasks, if the OS start swapping to the SD it could feel like snail driving.

            I wonder if the results will be better with a SSD attached to the USB port, but is it possible to boot from usb ?

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              It's not possible to boot from USB.  But, a cheap SD card can be your "boot disk" and then load the rest and run from the USB HDD.  (Kinda like the olden days of booting Linux from a floppy.)

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                Hi Gizmo,

                Instead of mplayer, you might have better luck with ilplayer.

                It is apparently a custom player supplied with the RPi that Paul Maunders

                used (he bought beta board #8 at the January eBay auction) and blogged

                about it at:





                He found ilplayer to be much faster than mplayer, but also had some trouble with audio.

                He was able to get sound using



                He disappeared after being asked about watching videos from hulu at 1080p,

                so don't try that. 

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                  "Playback had no audio and was at best running at one third of the frame rate it should have been."


                  sounds like it might not be using any hardware accelleration (GPU) at all ?  If it can play 1080p MP4 files, SD should be easy...

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                    apparently none of the standard debian packages are accelerated,

                    only ilplayer.   Paul got VLC to load, but it was too slow.

                    Apparently AAC sound is supported, but not AC3.

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                      Could you please try to run Iperf(server & client mode too) on Raspberry Pi and Jperf on a computer running Windows to measure bandwidth performance. Please post results here. Thanks.

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                        It would be awesome if you could run some CPU benchmark. Maybe this one as it also provides results for a lot of older computers.

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                          Thanks coder27, that was an interesting read, I hadn't seen it before.  I think the 128MB memory side of things has been sorted out now, but I would agree with the rest of his performance observations.


                          I haven't been given any files with the Pi other than what I can download from here, so I don't have ilplayer.  ilplayer sounds like something that Broadcom have put together internally to harness the Hardware accelleration.


                          If anybody reading can let me have a copy, i'd like to give it a try.


                          As for the requests, I will see what I can do, but I am away for a week after this evening with limited access or time for the internet.  I will be taking the Pi with me but doubt that I will get a lot of time to use it, and also won't have a network etc. with me.  So if I stop responding for the week, which is likely, don't worry.

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                            It's so sad that you left us, we hope you do not disappear forever, as the two other owners who never came back.
                            So please, post as many tests as you can before leaving.

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                              I am sure he will come back Jacques... he does say that he will only be away for one week!

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                                Sorry about the timing but yes, I will be back, and I will try and keep an eye on these forums from my phone when I can, but don't expect any Pi action.


                                Thanks for everybodys suggestions and patience.

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                                  I continue to be surprised when people are suprised about the ease (or lack of) playing media on this device. The hardware acceleration is there and it makes for a great demo but the reality is that it will be some time before client libraries and applications follow. I have a little arm based board, not much bigger than the Pi but probably double the CPU performance and it is far too slow to play any sort of media with a software codec such as you would typically find in mplayer or vlc (or Chromium browser). Fortunately there is gstreamer support for my hardware so I can use an application such as totem but the Pi doesn't have anything that high level yet. In the day or two I have been looking I still haven't found a browser that will play html5 video.


                                  The Pi is a great education computer for an amazing price but it is an engineering compromise to reach that price. It is a shame that "end users" and developers are fighting over the same limited supply as there is sure to be some negative reviews from the people who don't understand the work that still is required to get this thing ready for its main mission.

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                                    I agree, but as part-time teacher myself, I do not understand the definition of an "education computer",

                                    what kind of education ? software or hardware, application level or sytem level, children or bachelors ...
                                    On the other hand,
                                    the communication on the web around the Raspberry is quite focused on its possible HD video playback and accelerated graphics,

                                    and there is a huge number who pre-ordered thinking about using it as an XBMC HTPC. Few of them seek a solution to learn python.