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    Appliance Efficiency Standards for Battery Chargers in California


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      In January 2012, the California Energy Commission approved a regulation placing performance requirements on battery chargers:




      • Consumer chargers, used by such products as cell phones, personal care devices, and power tools, will be required to comply by 1 February 2013.


      • Industrial charger compliance (e.g. forklifts) is required by 1 January 2014.

      • Compliance for small commercial chargers (e.g. walkie talkies for emergency personnel, portable barcode scanners) is required by 1 January 2017.



      At the time of writing the final regulatory text is not available. Further updates to follow.





      Michael Kirschner is President of Design Chain Associates (DCA). DCA provides services that help Electronics OEMs and other product manufacturers increase engineering, procurement, and production efficiency, product and operational environmental performance, and corporate profitability by ensuring that the right decisions about supply base and the environment are made during the earliest stages of the product lifecycle, and are built-in to corporate strategies and tactics.








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