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    Are you a UK battery producer?


      The Environment Agency offers the following guidance.

      First of all you need to determine who the first company to import the products into the UK is. If any of the companies you are importing from have a UK “presence” such as a Post Office box, a UK trading arm, or an office in the UK, then they will be classed as the producer.

      If however, you are buying directly from a company outside the UK then you will be the producer.

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          I was puzzled how to define a producer in UK.


          Example, if i buy an iPhone in super market in UK, who is the producer? the seller, the trader, the importing company, or Apple?


          What role does the battery manufacturer play?

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            Key word here is "Producer" and not necessarily the manufacturer.

            The producer pays for the collection, treatment and safe recycling of the batteries.

            If more than 1 tonne is placed on the UK market then the producer is likely to join

            a Battery Compliance Scheme (BCS) to carry out its obligations.

            Quite simply the producer is anyone who puts portable batteries / accumulators, or products

            containing portable batteries / accumulatours onto the UK market for the first time.

            See also my original piece around UK "presence".

            Please refer to the attached guidance from the Environment Agency for more.

            Gary Nevison

            Head of Legislation

            Premier Farnell

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                it's very useful, thanks.

                hope that more UK manfacture can read this thread.

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                    Producer is the person/company placing the goods on the market  i.e.  A company imports a container of batteries from China into the UK and sells 60% of the content in the UK, but exports 40% to Germany. The importer is the producer for the 60% of the continer and reports it in the UK, the other 40% is not reported as the customer in Germany is the producer in that market for the 40%, so long as it is sold in Germany, he could sell 10% in Austria which then becomes the responsibility of the Austrian 'producer'.