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    PSoC 1 SMC Solution - Power Management and Thermal Management


      PsoC 1 provoides a lot cost and reliable solution for system management. Following two ANs are the grest reources to start developing your system management controller using PSoC 1.


      AN78646 - Integrated Power Manager using PSoC® 1

      AN78646 describes power management - a critical component of System Management Control (SMC) for computing and communication systems - and explains key concepts of power management such as voltage sequencing, fault detection, voltage and current monitoring, real-time trimming, and I2C host communication. This application note will help you build a fully integrated power management system solution.


      AN78692 - PSoC® 1 - Intelligent Fan Controller

      AN78692 demonstrates how to develop 4-wire BLDC fan control systems using PSoC 1. The application note demonstrates how the included Fan controller IP can be used to manage BLDC fans in a various configurations. AN78692 helps you to considerably reduce development time of fan control systems.