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    Importing electronics from China to US legislation questions


      Hi, I had a question regarding the regulations in US/California to sell electronic items



      I'm with a company that is thinking about importing various Christmas lighting products to the US to sell. These lights are LED stands that will be used as outdoor yard decorations. Another one of our products are electric candles, made in various shapes and sizes are also used as holiday decoration.

      My question is then, in order for me to sell these online in our website, do I need to go through UL or FCC regulations to legally sell here? Is there any type of insurance I need to purchase to legally sell in the US?



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          Cabe Atwell



          You do not need certification for the products you are selling. However, if you fear the strands will cause trouble, then you should get insurance.

          Alternatively, you could have a "buy at you own risk" type disclaimer. However, I would imagine this would be a turn off.


          Long story short, a certification would be helpful. (By the way, UL isn't the only people who perform validation/certification stamps.)



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            Amy -


            While I am not an expert on UL product safety certification, I can provide some information. UL product safety certification is voluntary, not mandatory. I believe both certified and non-certified Christmas lights are sold in the US. Since Christmas lights can cause a fire, having certified lights might be wise and might help limit your product liability. A product safety certification is recognition that the lights you sell meet electrical safety standards. UL certifications are recognized by OSHA, ANSI and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). I recommend you speak with you insurance underwriter, as selling Christmas lights with a product safety certification may lower your liability and your insurance rate.


            UL operates under its own authority. It is an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that offers a voluntary product safety certification. To gain certification a manufacturer submits a product sample for testing and evaluation. If UL determines the product sample meets their specification they will authorize the manufacturer to apply for certification. Before the manufacturer is approved, UL will send a representatives to visit the manufacturer to determine whether production samples also meet UL standards. Only after all testing and evaluation is performed, will they decide if the product qualifies for certification.


            UL is funded by the fees it charges manufacturers for evaluating the manufacturer's product. Fees are charged for initial evaluation, manufacturer visits and on-going product testing. Their web address is http://http://www.ul.com/global/eng/pages/offerings/perspectives/newtoul/ulmarkproductcertification/.


            I recommend speaking with both your product liability insurer as well as Underwriter's Laboratiories (UL) for clarification before making a decision.


            I hope that helps,