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    KindleBerry Pi.


      I saw this on the RPi.org website this morning and I thought that it would be easier to do the whole set-up just without the Raspberry Pi connected to the USB port on the RPi.


      I have a Kindle 3 Wi-Fi edition.  An Edumax USB Wi-Fi adapter. A Raspberry Pi.


      Will this work and if so, ... how would I configure the /etc/network/interfaces file so that I can use wlan0 as an Ad-Hoc Network between the Raspberry Pi and the Kindle?  With the Raspberry Pi with a static IP Address and the kindle (doesn't really matter what IP address - I think).


      Then, He says something about using the USB keyboard attached to the Raspberry Pi, that should work the same right?


      I still have to Jail-Break my kindle and install all the hacked software but I though I would raise the Question of the Wireless KindleBerry Pi.

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          Saw the picture and looks like something interesting to try but I'm not quite cool about screwing up my kindle, well not until a get a new one.


          I was very excited with the new Paperwhite but only 2GB bummer, with all the zillion books including technical that are no small and a large collection of datasheets, users manuals, reference manuals, schematics, and other various pdf, 2GB is not enough for me. I've the Kindle keyboard with 4GB with less than 100MB left.


          One of the projects I've on my list is to connect the IOIO board to the Rpi and see what can be done. (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10748)


          I'm about to test it soon with the MK802.



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              The Instructions are very vauge.

              The first part, connecting the Kindle to the Raspberry Pi is simple enough. Jail break the Kindle , install a terminal emulator like this one and then install UsbNetwork. Make sure the usbNetwork is enable, Connect the devices trough USB, do a quick ifconfig usb0 and Voila, I can login into the Raspberry Pi with no problem, using the great display of the Kindle but sadly also using it’s limiting keyboard.

              This would be ideal if you knew exactly what you are doing.  I don't.  I have, though, completed the above with great difficulty.  I will write out some detailed instructions later.

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                  Those instructions would be great. I have been thinking about buying a Kindle for a while but if I can dual purpose it as a "Pindle" then its def a must have.


                  Thanks all in this thread its a great idea. Hope it all comes together.



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                      It is hard to get the kindleberry working when the code he gives you is overously wrong.  If someone can get him to fix it, it would make life easier for me.


                      I got it working but the settings for the "screen" s/ware is not right, I have to type in a few lines of code to get it working.  I will see if I can get a fix for this.

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                          I've been through the Kindleberry Pi instructions twice and still haven't worked out how to do it.


                          Jailbreaking a kindle is fairly easy - there are some good instructions here:-




                          Make sure you select the right package for your Kindle - read the list at least twice.


                          The screensaver hack is also easy and worth doing, to get your hand in for more complicated hacks.




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                              The writer of the post needs to fix his instructions so that IT WORKS!!!!!


                              Currently, He has incorrect code on his site and this is not very good.  DETAILS need to be specified more on his post.  As well as a proper instructions.

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                                Just a quick update:


                                I have got the kindle and screen working better than before without the code that was on the instruction page.


                                My instructions are as follows:

                                1.  Install the package 'screen' on the RASPBERRY PI.  sudo apt-get install screen

                                2.  Run screen on the RASPBERRY PI by typing: "screen" at the terminal

                                3.  Using the KINDLE - open a terminal sesson and then, SSH into the raspberry pi (This is for people who are using the wireless interface, using existing infrustructure)

                                          On KINDLE: "ssh root@"

                                4. Log in. (that is: type password; type "y")

                                5.  On the KINDLE type: "screen -x"

                                6.  All Good, you have succeed!

                                I am going to work on a start-up script and improve on the ad-hoc network stucture later (not used above).

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                          Can you help me set-up the Kindleberry Pi?  The Bashrc and Auto log-on script are not working.

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                          Hi everyone.


                          I have spent a couple weeks working on the issues presented in this thread. I'm going to do a writeup! It isn't complete yet, but bear with me. I'm adding photos and videos soon once the writing part is complete.


                          The title is: Pi k3w – Kindle 3 display for Raspberry Pi


                          Check it out on Wordpress: http://wp.me/p2k10-4





                          Click image for more info.



                          Click image for more info.

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                              Great Work!


                              Are you using wireless on the Kindle and Raspberry Pi? or the USB network?


                              Did you find that the difficult bit is getting screen to clone on log on via ssh.  I found this very tempermental.


                              Also, I have not got an Ad-Hoc up and running with the Raspberry Pi and the kindle.  This is becasue I could not get into the /etc/network/interfaces file via terminal on the Kindle - I didn't know how to get a "/" but I have solved that now.


                              Nice to here someone is also working on this.

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                                  Hi Fergus Byrne,


                                  Nope, not using wireless sorry the two photos I posted here exclude the USB cable coming out of the Kindle. Yes I am using USBnetwork Check out the article in the post for lots more detail!


                                  As for difficulties with screen, no I didn't have problems with screen, actually I used a different terminal multiplexer called tmux. The problem was really in the script that Damaru posted though. The script for auto joining the screen session was seriously botched. I found a more elegant solution that works very well. I'm going to complete writing that section of the blog tomorrow if you would like to check back!


                                  Let me know about your progress with wireless. I am pretty sure mobileread forum: http://www.mobileread.com/ has a lot of information about using the wireless. I just haven't looked into it personally. It's next on my todo after getting all of this stuff written


                                  Did you see my rant regarding the use of about.txt, is that how you figured out the forwardslash? ;D


                                  Thanks for the reply!

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                                It is time for me to attempt to get this to work again...


                                I will revamp this project in the coming weeks and hopefully write some sort of instructions!