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    Sound analyser ( Gunshot Detector ) with arduino


      Hi all. I'm new in arduino and electronics. So i need your help


      I'm thinking to make gunshot detector with arduino mega.


      My plan is that:

      Firstly a microphone gets sound and arduino analyses the sound is it a gun or not.

      This analysing will be with " sound frequency ". ( but I'm not sure can i disiungish the sounds with their frequencies )

      Than a lcd screen will write " gunshot detected, or M-16 rifle shot detected" or what else


      Here is my questions


      1. Which type of microphone will i use?

      2. How do microphone know it is gun sound? ( frequency, decibel, amplitute or what speciality of sound )

      3. I heard about FFT ( fast fourier transform ) any idea to use FFT?


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you all