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    Any development on the API whatsoever?


      More than half a year ago the API was launched with a bit of a campaign (I learned about it through a farnell mailing round) and it seemed like exactly what I and many other design engineers need and want for developing useful part sourcing tools. But the API was very incomplete and unreliable at times so I hit a couple roadblocks and ceased development of my tools, hoping that within a couple weeks or at most months there would be an update. Now it's half a year later and there is absolutely no activity on these discussion boards, the API is still the same and nobody uses it.


      Can we expect development to continue on short notice?


      Will there be some standard way to report bugs and suggest features?


      Will there be some kind of way to notify the dev team of the API bugging out and having them fix it on very short notice (i.e. will there be a time where I can depend on the API as much as I can depend on the main website)?


      I'm more than willing to help with my time and effort to keep this project going. The main website is a very slow beast that usually costs me the majority of development time on schematics, so any time I spend on getting the API to a workable state is time I will save tenfold in future development.