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    HDMI to VGA converter


      I purchased a HDMI to VGA converter thru Amazon, Cable Matters.

      It is not working.

      Elements 14 has such a converter, the picture looks the same as Cable Matters.

      If I order from Elements 14, will you guarentee that it works.

      My raspberry is made in China, not the UK.



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            The problem might be that the converter is bad, or maybe the converter

          is OK but the RPi is bad, or maybe both are OK but something's not set up



          If you haven't already done it, you can see if the RPi is OK by using it

          without a display, by connecting it using ethernet to another computer

          and using it through ssh.  That would also verify that your SD card is OK.


          See this thread for other HDMI/VGA converter troubleshooting advice:


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            I too ordered an HDMI to VGA converter thru amazon and it wasn't working.  I wonder if you ordered the $2.66 version.  The cable I recieved was bad.  I ended up making a cable with an hdmi cable and a couple of adapters.  You get what you pay for in my case.  :-)