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    EAGLE version 6.4 released!


      A new version of EAGLE is now available for download at




      The changes since the previous version are:


      • Platforms:


        - Added support for MAC OSX 10.8.


      • Control Panel:


        - Added a search bar for searches within the control panel tree.

          Searches can be started via the context menu of a folder or the pulldown menu.

        - Display of attributes in the preview for devicesets.


      • User Language:



        - Added the members alwaysvectorfont and verticaltext to UL_BOARD and UL_SCHEMATIC.

        - Added the member UL_TEXT.linedistance.

        - Added new members dtype, extlength, extoffset and extwidth for UL_DIMENSION

          (see DIMENSION section).


      • ADD command:


        - The ADD dialog now has a checkbox that allows to include/exclude packages

          with pads in the search.

        - The ADD dialog of the schematic editor now additionally displays attributes.

          There is also a field for searches within attributes.


      • DIMENSION command:


        - The general settings for dimension objects have been replaced by individual

          properties for each dimension. This includes text size, ratio, unit, precision,

          line width and extension line properties. The properties can be changed by

          CHANGE DUNIT and CHANGE DLINE. That's also available in the CHANGE menu.

          Text properties can be adjusted like for any other text.

          For simplification some parameters like arrow length or text offset

          are no longer offered and internal defaults used.


      • General GUI improvements:


        - Added and adjusted wording, tool tips and status tips of pulldown menus and

          all toolbars.

        - Taken out "Paste from..." from Edit menu in schematic and board editor.

          The identical functionality is available under File/Import.

        - New options "Open Symbol", "Open Package" and "Open Device" available from

          context menu for part instances and elements to open the related library

          entities from schematic or board.

        - Provided a bigger set of default key assignments for frequently used commands

          by extending eagle.scr. The set of internally hardcoded function keys has been



      • Import/Export:


        - Integration of the export of schematic and/or board libraries into EAGLE GUI.

          Now available in File menu under Export/Libraries (a new ULP exp-lbrs.ulp

          is used which replaces the existing exp-project-lbr.ulp).

        - New import-accel.ulp for import of drawings in ACCEL ASCII format. This format

          can be exported from P-CAD, Altium and Protel to import drawings into EAGLE.

        - Under File/Import there are now sub entries for EAGLE drawing (the existing

          "Paste from file" functionality) and the new ACCEL ASCII import.

        - Now dimension objects are handled in the dxf.ulp.

        - A number of further entries have been provided in 'File/Import' and 'File/Export'

          which are handled by existing ULPs. Examples: Export of DXF (dxf.ulp), BOM

          (bom.ulp), Hyperlynx (hyperlynx.ulp), import of bitmaps (import-bmp.ulp).


      • LTSpice connection on Windows:


        - Import of LTSpice schematics into EAGLE and export to LTSpice.

        - LTSpice is a schematic simulation tool for free and available on Windows.

          If installed, a simulation for an existing EAGLE schematic with automatic

          conversion can be started from EAGLE.

        - Possibility to create EAGLE devices from LTSpice library data through import

          of according packages in PADS format, LTSpice symbols and connect lists.


      • Miscellaneous:


        - Now the origins of elements are printed again if their layer is active.

        - If a bus name has a synonym prefix, only that one will be displayed to avoid

          too long labels.

        - Support UNDO/REDO for approval/disapproval of ERC and DRC errors.

        - A number of entries have been added to 'Tools' menu in schematic and layout

          editor. These tools are handled by existing ULPs.

          Examples: Mill outlines (mill-outlines.ulp), drill legend (drillegend-stack.ulp),

          statistics (statistic-brd.ulp, statistic-sch.ulp).


      • Bugfixes:


        - Now the text in the CHANGE TEXT dialog is initially selected again.

        - Fixed DRC clearance calculation for polygons with same rank.

        - Avoiding loss of precision when saving very small grid values.

        - Corrected check for too small grid entries from user.

        - Fixed handling of multiline text objects in polygon calculation.

        - Fix for erroneous ERC warnings in relation to parts of devices

          with predefined value (attribute 'VALUE').

        - Correction in online help: VALUE command only available in default assembly variant.

        - CHANGE PACKAGE/TECHNOLOGY: Ensure update of library attributes if they are displayed

          but haven't been changed in schematic or board.

        - Fixed a crash if a part is replaced by a device without package.

        - Fixed handling of arbitrary pad shapes in the DRC.

        - Avoided a crash if mixing the selection within nearby objects and textual input.

        - Fixed a crash when doing a GATESWAP with an uninvoked gate.

        - Fixed potential crash on MAC related to switching between editor windows, text window

          or CAM processor window.

        - Fixed graphic issues on MAC (display of popup menus).

        - Fixed handling of dimensions in XML regarding extlength and extoffset.

        - Fixed a crash in PRINT command on Windows if a previously used network printer is

          uninstalled and EAGLE restarted.

        - Fixed f/b annotation of attributes when copying parts in the schematic.

        - Fixed displaying the pad names in the device preview of the ADD dialog.


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