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    Show Idea: Self Powered Bluetooth Cassette Adapter for Streaming Audio


      I have been looking into adding a Bluetooth adapter to my existing car stereo.  I have done some research and found a few, but they all require you to charge them first.  I don't want to waste an outlet that I could be using to charge my tablet and my phone (for wifi hotspot)


      I was thinking it would be possible to use the spinning heads of the tape player in the car to generate a charge and store it in a battery while it is actually being used.



      - It should be able to support A2DP streaming audio if possible.

      - It should fit the form factor of an existing cassette tape, but could protrud out the access port if requried (i.e. for battery or other electronics).

      - It should be able to be self powered (trickle charge the battery from spinning heads of the player)


      Is something like this possible?


      2013-01-25 08.20.48.jpg

      This picture show my Nexus 7 mounted with a ProClips adapter.  USB cables are connected for powering the tablet and phone (not shown, but just out of view of the image).  Old school cassette adapter for streaming audio and podcasts.  Car is a 05' VW Passat.