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    A 555 timer you can hug

    Drew Fustini

      My new cube friend, Hans the 555 timer chip, from Adafruit:


      Hans is the 'old man' of the group. He tends to be nervous and is often indecisive. Hans frequently changes his mind, and is a little fidgety (he oscillates) when he's not moving around. He is very meticulous and precise in other ways; Hans does not like to compromise, preferring to be in a steady state until a dramatic change is called for. Hans speaks with the voice of a kindly old man with a Swiss-German accent, though his voice can become more nasally when he's upset or feels strongly about something. His catchphrase is "maybe so, but perhaps not."


      Hans is a part of a series of 7 electronic component plushies called Circuit Playground:

      Here are the Circuit Playground plushies, we have a lot of things planned with the cute components, from teaching “props” to special projects to puppet versions for our upcoming kid’s show. Most of all we know it’s hard to figure exactly what will spark a young mind on to the journey towards science, technology, engineering, art, math and more – we wish we had these when were young