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        Hi all,


        My name is Pascal, I am from New Caledonia, french part of oceania.

        I am a engineer in computer science.

        I really like to discover new fields, automated things like home automation tools.

        I am a shareholder of a local company and I would like to become an authorized retailer of farnell products here in my country.

        If you could tell me what are the requirements / pricing to become an approved retailer, I would be very happy .




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          Hi Pascal,


          Welcome to Element 14.


          I am writing a detailed history of naval warfare during the Second World War and often encounter New Caledonia in my research.


          You will find a lot of very creative and knowledgeable people interacting at Element 14.  So look around, ask questions and participate with the others.


          I look forward to reading your future posts.



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            Hi! I'm Josh! I'm a 20 year old nerd from Maryland. I'm a professional videographer. I'm also really into open source coding and Arduino hacking! I'm really really new to Arduino and trying to learn it. I'm also a PC gamer! My favorite games are Minecraft and World of Tanks! I'm willing to learn anything and everything about Arduino and Raspberry Pi to. I own a Arduino Uno and a Raspberry Pi Model B. Hope to make new friends with fellow programmers and hackers like me! Thanks for reading! If you want to, follow me on twitter as @Minilife92

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              I am farshad. I am an electrical engineer and I love it!

              It is hard to find something Electrical that I do not have a passion for it:

              robotics: I have built many robots and one of them was a quadrotor.

              sensor fusion and signal conditioning: I have designed and built a few inertial measurement units.

              power induction: I have built some and it works, but efficiency, ...

              RF: RF does not love me back. I made some mooves but it seems I cannot do anything when it goes beyond 10 MHz.

              I am sure that I will find many great ideas and meet many brilliant hackers here.

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                Hi, here with Arduino tech u will find very amazing projects , start with jeremy blum tutorials on Arduino, they are very efficient ...good luck

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                  I'm Boris and have been playing with computers (both software and hardware) for the last 45 years.  Work as a doctor by day and hack when I get any spare time.  Into open source medical hardware  and software (sorely needed).  Project I'm currently working on is an ambulatory physiologic monitor based on a Propeller chip which is slowly getting done.  Idea behind ambulatory physiologic monitoring is to use heart rate and other physiologic patterns to make objective psychiatric diagnoses.


                  Started programming on an IBM 360 with punched card input, graduated to a PDP-8 and then found my favorite machine which is still the PDP-11.  Did lots of software development for electrophysiologic data acquisition and did some serious hardware hacking in the mid 1970's to 1980's but am getting too old for that now.  Played with Macs for a while, but then VB got me to switch to PC's.  Have lots of embedded systems that I've played with including Freescale's 8 bit Zigbee boards which I primarily now use for ambulatory accelerometry.


                  Bought a couple of Raspberry Pi boards which still haven't had time to play with.  If this platform works out, it's a very cost effective base to build on given the RAM and CPU that it has.  Still, however, like the simpler boards like the Propeller chip which is so much fun to program in pasm and do 8 fold multitasking in hardware (takes me back to my 1960's PDP-8 programming)..  Am quite interested in what people are doing with the Raspberry Pi, especially if anyone's using it to record EKG/EEG or other physiologic signals.

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                    Hi, I am Faiz. Joined the community a few days ago.


                    Boris, it was great to go through your post. I am an Experimental Physicist turned CS/IT professional. I also learnt bit-banging on a PDP-8 and then moved on to a PDP-15 (18-bit computer). We used it as the central processor to replace a Multi Channel Analyzer for Nuclear Spectroscopy experiments. At that time I was a graduate student at McMaster University, Canada. Wrote FORTRAN code for analyzing the data on a CDC 6400 computer in batch processing. PDP-11s and VAXes were my favorites, used them a lot.


                    Got interested in microprocessors and microcontrollers quite early. Worked most of my life in Pakistan doing research, development, teaching, training, consulting etc. Moved to Dubai in 2006 and migrated to USA early this year.


                    I think that the 'Internet of Things' is going to be one of the most exciting upcoming developments. It is estimated that 50 to 100 billion autonomous devices will be connected to the Internet by the year 2020. These devices, equipped with sensors and actuators, will engage in M2M (machine to machine) transactions extending from smart homes to smart cities covering all aspects of life.


                    I intend to develop some home-based courses to prepare people to take advantage of the opportunities which would arise from these developments.

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                      New to element 14. Just got a pi and looking to learn about it. I am a ham K8io and a broadcast engineer. My granddaughter has expressed an interest in a pi so I decided to see what it is all about.


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                        Hello Boris,



                        I'm working at the Biomechatronics department of the University, and we're doing some EMG/EEG measurements. Most of that is done with dedicated hardware (TMSI Porti, or Delsys amplifiers + NI card). 


                        But.... I'm now helping out in a course for students that are doing a half-technical/half-biomedical study, and since most of that is theory we're now giving them an assignment to actually build something, based on EMG sensing. For the hardware we're using the very cheap Freescale KL25Z board (Arduino shield compatible) with the mbed environment, combined with an Olimex 'EMG Shield' which does amplification and filtering.


                        With regards to RPi and EMG measurement: please do bear in mind that this is built around an ARM Application processor ("A" series), not the ARM Microcontroller (Cortex-"M" series). Depending on what bandwith / jitter requirements you have, you might be better off with a separate controller doing the data acquisition.



                        Nice to have some other 'bio' members here!

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                          hi i'm veda narayana from india. I'm new here and i look forward to learn and to make friends.

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                            Hello my name is Joe and I live in Australia

                            Hope to learn a lot in  this great community



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                              Hi, Nicole!

                              My name is Larry Stouder.  I am a retired Associate Professor and Program Director in Computer Science, Networking and Telecommunications.  I also spent an entire career working in large companies as an IT Director.  I think my technology interests stem from having been an Electronics Technician in the US Coast Guard many moons ago.


                              I am a newbie to Arduino and plan on also getting into the Raspberry pi in the near future.  I enjoy working on projects with my 8 year old grandson, who really loves technology as well.


                              Finally, I used to beta test lots of hardware and software and writing reviews and recommendations for the company and for the vendors, so I am looking forward to Road Testing.


                              I am very happy to have found this community and think it will be fun and interesting to be a part of it.



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                                hello every one .. my name is akshay.. i am a high school grad(not an expert at all) and need some help in my electronics projects... so plz help where i can talk to experts nd how .. plz help i am new to the community..!!

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                                  Hi All

                                  I'm Simon and I live in Brisbane.  I have a PhD in EnvEng and work in the field of microalgae production.  I believe it will be a major fuel and food in the future.  If I am wrong then I spent too many years studying it. :-)

                                  I bought an Arduino kit over a year ago and did very little with it.  Whilst I am resting up after surgery, I have had the chance to take another look. By reading and watching tutorials, I have ended up here, and it looks like this is a great community. 

                                  One test I am hoping to try, is to use Arduino as the motor driver for a Fisher and Paykel Smart Drive Motor.  These are great motors that can be used for many things, but controlling them seems rather tricky.  If anyone has already done this, please let me know.

                                  I look forward to reading and learning more.



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                                    Hi Simon,


                                    Welcome to Element 14.

                                    I like the idea of using microalgae for a large range of products.  They can be very useful little critters and I will bet that your study was indeed fascinating.

                                    I can easily see how you could integrate an Arduino board to control motors, pumps, lights and a host of automated laboratory or mini algae factory tests.

                                    You might want to look at the Cypress Semiconductor PSOC board.  It is pin compatible with the Arduino shields and has integrated software support, but the processor is way more capable than the Arduino for the same price.


                                    Either way you should find many people here willing to help you with your learning experience.

                                    I for one would like to here more on your microalgae work, (hint would you please do some blogs?) and look forward to your posts.



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