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    QUERY- Regarding PSoC Programming using Miniprog3.




      I have procured sample of PSoC 1 device part no CY8C28645-24LTXI and also the programmer for the same i.e Miniprog3 part no  CY8CKIT-002CY8CKIT-002 Miniprog3 I have got done the design for the target board(See attachment 1 for pin details file name PLACEMENT.pdf so as to program my device I connected the miniprog3 to the target board run the PSoC Designer 5.0 and have tried to program my device using all these setup I have written the application program and also done with user module configuration prior writing the application The application is compiled built successfully without any errors nor warnings I have come across a problem during programming i.e"Cannot acquire device Please verify the device connection to the programmer(Check attachment 2 for snap shot of the error msg fine name errormsg.bmp I have referred a document for pin configuration which is attached in attachment 3(file name miniprog3 connector.pdf I have verified the pin connections from the programmer to the target board finding no errors Please provide some information on this