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    PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Community Project#051 – Music Player




      Today we are expanding on the SD card example that we posted last week. In that earlier example we showed you the new customer SD component used to interface with the SD card. In this example we want to expand on that example to play music, stored on the SD card, through a Speaker.


      003 - Kit Image 1.jpg


      Forum Post Attachments:


      At the bottom of this post we are including the following items:

      • Example Project Zip File
      • Zip File of Images
        • Project Schematic
        • Component Configurations


      Components Used:


      The user can download the example project at the bottom of this post. The project uses the following list of Creator Components:

      • SD Card
      • CODEC Interface (SPI)
      • CyPins


      The components are configured by right clicking on the component in your Top Design schematic view and selecting Configure. Please enable the following selections in the Configuration windows for the listed components above.


      Firmware Description:


      The main.c firmware is included in the example project. Please review the commented sections for more details.


      In this example we expand on our earlier example. We have developed another custom component to interface with the MP3 codec board over the SPI interface.


      This project makes the CY8CKIT-042 function as a Music Player. Like any music player we need a mass storage capability to store our songs. In this example we use the SD card to store our music. The PSoC4 reads the song files one by one and send it to the CODEC chip over an SPI bus. The player plays each song in order starting with the first song on the SD card. The user has the ability to go to the next some using the ‘NEXT_SONG’ button. On pressing the button the current song is skipped and the next one starts playing immediately.


      Also remember, before using the SDCard, you’ll have to format it with SDFormatter tool. This is a onetime activity.




      Hardware Connections:


      In this example the user will need to connect the SD Card breakout board and MP3 Codec board to the Sparkfun breadboard. This board will then connect into the Pioneer kit. The speaker needs to be wired up to the breadboard and then connected to the MP3 codec board as an output. The following image provides the wiring diagram to enable this design.


      002 - Schematic Design 2.png


      Test Your Project:


      Program the example into the PSoC 4 kit. The music will play out of the speaker. Use the button on the sparkfun breadboard to switch between songs.


      I hope this example can help you in your design.