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    PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Community Project#054 – Custom Component 4x4 Keypad




      Today’s example is the release of a community component for a 4x4 matrix keypad. At the bottom of this post we have included the example project for the component and the custom component datasheet. The key point of this component is that it’s applicable to PSoC 3/4/5LP device families.


      001 - Schematic Design 1.png


      Forum Post Attachments:


      At the bottom of this post we are including the following items:

      • Example Project Zip File
      • Zip File of Images
        • Project Schematic
        • Component Configurations


      Components Used:


      The user can download the example project at the bottom of this post. The project uses the following list of Creator Components:

      • 4x4 Keypad
      • Character LCD


      The components are configured by right clicking on the component in your Top Design schematic view and selecting Configure. Please enable the following selections in the Configuration windows for the listed components above.


      Firmware Description:


      The main.c firmware is included in the example project. Please review the commented sections for more details.


      This custom component contains a set of library routines that enable scanning of a 4x4 switch array and return of data associated with the switch pressed. The component provides APIs to implement user defined character data for each switch. This keypad component allows the user to connect signals across multiple points. We have included the component datasheet at the bottom of this post. Remember you can import and export components by clicking on the components tab in the workspace explore. Then right clicking on the project name in the workspace explorer to import or export the compoents.


      006 - Compnent Selection Tab.png


      005 - Component Selectoin.png


      In this example we take inputs from the 4x4 keypad and then output the values on a Character LCD display.


      Hardware Connections:


      There are no connections for this example. This is a custom component released to the community that enables a 4x4 matrix keypad example. Feel free to create your own hardware and post your images in this thread.


      Test Your Project:


      Program the Pioneer kit with your example and connect the kit to your custom hardware.


      I hope this example can help you in your design.