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    Raspberry Pi Controlled Fireworks Launcher


      Here are pictures, videos and a description of my raspberry pi fireworks launcher:




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          A really well designed and laid out construction.


          Its nice to see someone has taken pride in putting it together, rather than slapping parts into a box to hide it.



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            A year has passed since I finished building the launcher and I am pondering an upgraded version sometime in the future. Has anyone tried out the UDOO development board? I would especially like to hear user experiences from anyone that has owned both the pi as well as the UDOO, in particular the quad core version, and what their opinions are. I would want to upgrade to something with faster/more processors, more memory, more USB ports, more GPIO ports, etc. I have been following the UDOO development since the beginning, and it would certainly meet those qualifications. The support on their forum seems pretty good, but it is a pitiful user base compared to the massive amount of resources for the raspberry pi, and unlike the pi, there are little or no user or manufacturer supplied software libraries, so that would be a negative.