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    Achieving the 2016 battery collection rate will be a challenge



      The European Portable Battery Association (EPBA). predicts that 'only a dozen countries' will be able to achieve the 2016 target for the collection of batteries.

      Despite information indicating that at least seven European countries exceeded the 45% collection target in 2012, the EPBA has reiterated its concerns that the collection target may be 'too ambitious' after all. The association points out that over 72 000 tonnes of waste portable batteries were collected in Europe last year, yielding an average collection rate of 35%.

      One of the ongoing problems is that the definition of 'portable battery' is deemed to be largely open to interpretation. The UK, for example, faces 'disputed' collection rates owing to the fact that lead-acid batteries made up a 'disproportionate amount' of all batteries collected in 2012




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