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        Same boat as me. Christian found the missing cameras and I know the cases were having problems in customs.  Like you said, we can start playing what what we have now and reading up on how things work.

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          Okay, it has been too quiet around here.  Got my Pi NoIR camera today and decided to start playing.  Well, plugged it in and started it up and had the same problems others were having that it would not work.  Saying the camera was not installed.  Double checked everything, enabled, rebooted, seated on both ends of the ribbon cable, etc.  No luck.  Then I check the small ribbon connector at the top of the lens and found that if I pushed it in, it would pop and I am guess re-seat.  Tested it and it worked, then I put it back in the case and it did not work.  Seems that camera housing/case pops that little sucker off. 


          Here is the connector in question that I had a problem with




          So now I just put on the case without getting it all the way in, no pushing, and here is my test.




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            That connector popping off seems to be a common problem going by the number of reports of the same over on the RPF forums. Seem to be just your luck though, I have several cameras and haven't had any problems.


            I don't like the case much though. I got the white version a few months back and don't think the quality is at all good. One of the problems is getting the camera board to sit in the slots in the sides fully. It's a bit hard to tell from your photo, but I wonder if the camera board isn't seated fully ?  If the camera board sits too high then maybe something catches the connector when you close the case. Or I'd not be surprised if the force needed isn't causing the fairly thin PCB to flex and that's causing the connector to pop out.


            See here for my take on the case http://www.element14.com/community/message/83388/l/rpi-camera-cases#83388

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              The problem is that the case is essentially snap fit and since there are connectors on all sides it puts quite a bit of force on the connectors as you are assembling the case. not much you can do about that unfortunately?!!

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                True, case producers are very much at the mercy of the PCB designers and whether they give any thought to cases at all...

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                  Not as much as we would like, that's why my cases are assembled the way they are so you don't need to worry about this . The only easy way of doing it with a moulded case would be to have half the connector on the bottom of the case and the top part of the connector apertures on the Top moulding so join was along the line of all the connectors so you can just pop the board in and then bolt it down.

                  BTW notice that all these cases are probably a standard size with the apertures milled out so even here they didn't fancy making a tool to do the moulding in one piece!!

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                    Thank you John and selsinork.  I am not too concerned about getting the little case to fit perfect.  It is together now, but just left it not pushed in tight at the top. After the road test, this will go in a different enclosure and be located outside.  I wanted to let people to know what to look for if they are having the same problem.

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                      I'd be very interested to see what you come up with as a suitable case for outside use.

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                        Frederick Vandenbosch

                        Outside use sounds interesting: something compact and waterproof for pi and camera would be awesome.

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                          It's made somewhat more difficult by needing to have the Pi in the same case.  I've built a couple of weatherproof RPi cameras at laest one of which survived outside for 4-5 months.  As you can tell, I'm interested to see if others have any better ideas than mine.

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                            Problem with having all this in the same case is that you need some method of making all the connections and maintaining  some degree of weatherproofing also you'll need to have a nice place to mount the camera that is transparent....not beyond the means of man but obviously more than the case supplied is really designed for.



                            one way is to start with a weather proof box then put the pi etc int he box then put a small window(Acrylic for example) in it siliconed in.


                            Ideas from you guys ?!

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                              John, have a look at the photos here https://picasaweb.google.com/selsinork/RPiCamera

                              Having the camera inside the ~3mm thick clear lid has it's problems, you get distortions and reflections.  The last photo in that album shows the latest incarnation which has a sheet of OHP transparency sandwiched between the case and the plate on the front. Plenty of silicone

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                                Hey John,

                                    Shipment came in the mail today, I too have outside project ideas, I wrote 2 people who corresponded about the shipment to let them know my Pi/LCD control case was also not included in the shipment.  Hopefully I can get one shipped to me.  Otherwise, this afternoon I was able to fire up the Pi, configure it with Rasbian via noobs greeting, configure to boot to desktop, enable WIFI (using WPA2), enable the camera, take a few stills and a quick vid to reflect that it is working as well as display the default LCD output of the IP as well as the CPU temp etc...  so far so good!  I have temp'd in an enclosure to get things going, also the camera housing DID arrive in the box, so all I'm missing I believe is the Pi/LCD Control Carbon Fiber case!!   Excited to get that for the review.  In the mean time, I have confirmed that it boots headless, SSH enabled and now I can get to work on it.  I am thinking cron jobs, rsync's, somthing, to a remote host on my network, then display the stills or the vid through another means, in an attempt to off load some of the work that the Pi has to deal with.  I saw a post that there is a utility that the camera is used with that negates the need for the cron style jobs.  Going to go back through the documentation and see what I can do with it.  I think I need a line item list of some links to:

                                1) LCD / Control docs that are specific to button purposing and relevant configuration

                                2) Camera control, automation, GUI adjustments for brightness, *color, sharpness etc...   just for example of tweaking those settings on the fly, to adjust it as a first stab in that environment (thinking command line like alsamixer sliders)

                                3) Need to review what is available for the sensor capabilities with the I/O pins, maybe adding a few IR emitters to add *light, for snapping some non light photos  etc...

                                4) more?

                                Happy New Year all !!!!



                                Here it is slammed together in true geek/techy style!  Also, Cam housing is just temped in on one of the snap together case's posts with a screw hole full of paper and a smaller wood screw, just to hold the cam case from jumping around and orient it so that it is not laying next to the case, (in lieu of not having the coool carbon fiber case that hopefully will be coming).

                                photo 2.JPG

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                                  How did the last image solution work out for distortion, etc.


                                  I'm about to tackle the 'inside a gutted floodlight' for another purpose, and hopefully the thin glass doesn't have distortion issues.

                                  The glare isn't a big problem as its intended to be mounted inside and for low light, but outside you may want to add a hood using a piece of pvc tubing.



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                                    You shouldn't have any real problem as long as you keep the angle to the glass low and the illumination correct

                                    After all this is how all the security  cams are plumbed !!

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