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    Kernel module to enable




      I'm trying to get pifacecad working on raspbmc.

      I have installed python3-pifacecad from raspbian repositories, but when I try to launch the example script /usr/share/doc/python3-pifacecad/examples/sysinfo.py i'm getting the error "No PiFace Control and Display board detected (hardware_addr=0, bus=0, chip_select=1)"

      The same command is working with the same raspberry with raspbian.


      I think a kernel module is missing on raspbmc, but I dont know what modules are needed to use Piface CAD.


      Any idea to get it working?



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          I just had this. Not entirely sure of the root issue, but I think that RetroPie may have grabbed the SPI.


          The resolution for me was to simply remove the spi module and reinsert it


          sudo modprobe -r spi_bcm2708

          sudo modprobe spi_bcm2708


          Not sure if this gives anyone any ideas as to the issue. For reference I am running SqueezePlug (which is raspbian based) with RetroPie on top. The PifaceCAD worked straight away when I used it on another Pi with plain Raspbian, so I am sure it is related to the distribution or extras.


          In the raspbmc case, I would assume that it likewise was grabbed for something else to use.