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    New SBC : HummingBoard

      Not quite sure what to make of this one, especially the form factor. morgaine your wish has come true, a standard, reuseable SBC building block at last !


      As far as I can tell, it's not actually been released yet, so no idea on prices, but from the specifications you'll quickly guess it's not going to be $35 !


      HummingBoard Hardware - CuBox-i Wiki Pages




      The SOM in use appears to be what they're using in the CuBox-i too The CuBox i From SolidRun | The Little Computer that can


      The support for this has been going into the mainline linux kernel recently, but it took me a while to work out what it was. The unfortunate choice of name doesn't google very well getting lots of results for hummingbird forums and RC cars.

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          So, quad-core i.MX6 with 2GB RAM, gigabit Ethernet, mSATA, coaxial S/PDIF, and mini-PCIe.  I guess its only competitor among the boards we tend to discuss here is the quad Wandboard.  It's a bit higher up on the features list than CubieTruck.


          It'll certainly be worth keeping an eye open for when they announce the price.  No harm being optimistic.



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              I see the have prices for the Cubox-i with the quad core at $129 which certainly puts it around the same place as the wandboard quad. The difference is largely down to what connectors you want and whetert the RPi connector layout is seen as an advantage or dis-advantage.


              The cubietruck (and anything else using the allwinner A20) has the one advantage. Feature compatibility with Cortex-A15. This gets you a faster FPU/NEON unit and hardware virtualisation extensions. I'm still trying to get my head around what you're going to virtualise in only a couple of GB of memory but I have seen evidence of active work on the linux KVM stuff using cubietruck as the preferred platform.

              At the same time, I'm finding it hard to argue with the cost/performance of the WBQUAD, the CT is still too expensive in comparison