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    2 technical problems with REST web-service


      Hello together,


      Since a short time there is the following problem when using the

      element14 web-service:

      In the attributes section there is some additional html code added, besides the real technical feature data:

      For example:


        <ns1:attributeLabel> Zeit für IFSM</ns1:attributeLabel>

        <ns1:attributeUnit>ms<!--FANDB--><div class="features-and-benefits-container"></div></ns1:attributeUnit>




      Is there a possibility that you could remove this?



      There is a second problem:

      sometimes the web-service doesn't respond.

      In this case, no xml file is then returned.

      When I try the same query one second later, it works.

      This problem occurs now every second or third time.

      It got worse in the last months.

      Do you know that problem?



      Best regards