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    ISP for AtMega328 on Gertboard


      I have been looking at using the USBtinyISP from Adafruit for programming the Atmega328 chip on the

      Gertboard. As the USBtinyISP has a level-shifter my thought is to power the target chip from the RPI

      through J7 by setting a jumper connecting RPIs 3.3V and the 3.3V on the Gertboard.

      The result is that all the LEDs on the Gertboard lights up.

      Is this a desired behavior?


      Is there a better way to power it?


      the USBtinyISP is connected to the board via J23. My goal is to be able to use avr-gcc and avrdude to

      program the Atmega328 chip from my laptop directly throught the USBtinyISP.


      Thanks in advance.