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    zigbee master slave




      I am developing one of the Zigbee based project and i need your help in selecting the right micro based on below points:


      1) first micro which should be less power consumption (battery operated), it should be UART interfaced and i should interface IRLED for this, the PIC Micro should be efficient enough and easily avlb in market. --- which series or part number is suitable for this.


      2) this is my second requirement --- This PIC should be capable enough to program the OS i.e MicroC/OS-ii and UART interfacable and connected to Zigbee module.


      and also i will be interfacing the Zigbee module to these 2 devices so i need your suggestion in selecting the Zigbee module also.

      i.e one will act as master and other willl act as Slave.



      Best Rdgs