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    Help with product development and funding your idea


      Hi Guys!


      I just launched a new crowdfunding website that focuses on product development and technology and thought it might be of interest to you.


      There are different sections for creators, backers, developers and business, where you can advertise yourself for free or find the right people that could help you with your idea/product.


      We also have Peer Review page, where people can like and comment on your product if they wish to do so. This enables you to get unbiased advice from different people including some industry leaders and potential customers before posting an actual campaign on our site.


      There are many more features Nettfunder has, so check it out here - www.nettfunder.com


      Please let me know what you think! Any feedback is much appreciated!


      If you are interested in getting involved, please e-mail marketing@nettfunder.com