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    Members Only Giveaway - Sanyo LED Displays

      One of our very generous element14 Community Top Members (phoenixcomm) sent element14 Community staff a handful of these LED Displays from Sanyo (description below and data sheet attached).  She's asked that these go to newbie members only - if you'd like to be considered a recipient for one of these displays please post here the following:


      1) Introduce yourself &  2) Tell Cris why you'd like to get one of these LED displays (11 available) & what you would do with it (and you'll get good karma points if you plan to share back here once you've completed your project).


      IMPORTANT! Make sure to "follow" this discussion, and Cris will post back here in the replies to let you know if you've been selected.


      Product Description:

      The display was for a clock and if you are carefully remove the red screen, or the whole display stuff from the back (remember you will need to put it back) you will see the individual LEDs. Please note that you must current limit them so a 330 ohm resistor should do nicely.. this can be driven two ways:

      • 1. micro cpu and drive the pins directly. you write ALL the software. 
      • 2. micro cpu and a bcd to 7 segment driver. ( any of the 7446, 7447, 7448, or 7449 will do. you must pick your poison. )

      Good Luck ~~Cris

      photo 1.JPG