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    RiOTboard adapter for Arduino R3, Raspberry-Pi, Mikro Click and Pmod accessories


      Dear RiOTboard users

      Farnell just published on its transactional website a new adapter for the RiOTboard sold less than 9£ (currently awaiting for delivery).

      According to the information, I got, it is a fully passive interface adapter for the RIoT host platform that allows for the connection of a variety of accessory types to the RIoTboard.

      On the Bottom-side is the connection to the RIoTboard’s 40-pin EXT connector (J13)

      On the Top-side are several connectors:

      - Connector interface for Arduino UNO R3 compatible shields : Arduino - Products

      - Connector interface for Mikroelectronika Click modules : Click Boards - MikroElektronika

      - Connector interface for Raspberry Pi (A/B/B+) compatible accessories : Raspberry Pi Accessories

      - Two connector interfaces for Pmod (type 2/2A) accessories : Peripheral Modules Interface modules - Digilent | Farnell UK


      I have not received yet a sample of this adapter to test it, but it should look like the picture below.

      This new accessory literally blows-up the extension-capabilities of the RiOTboard thanks to this new compatibility with the almost 'unlimited' list of accessories available for the Arduino, Mikro, Raspberry-Pi and Pmod controller boards and takes advantage of their very active communities.

      Even if this adapter brings a form-factor compatibility to the RiOT, we need to check which software drivers will be migrated to the i.MX processor, I hope that thanks to the C-programming, it will not be too complicated :S






      Happy RiOT adapting