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    How do i calibrate the BBView 7 on Angstrom from the command line?


      So I just bumbled my way through installing the appropriate kernel drivers and overlays, and successfully have the BBView 7 working.  Except the calibration seems waaaaay off.  It ran the first time, and I clicked all the cross hairs as instructed but now it does not seem that the calibration stuck, its off by 6 inches on the 7" display... So I can't seem to use the touch screen to rerun the calibration as its impossible to click the dropdown options.  Is there a command line that can be run to reset the config so it thinks it is running again for the first time?  Is there something wrong with the LCD that the calibration didn't save?


      Also E14, why does the quick start guide (PDF) on the BBView product page refer to a user manual but the user manual is not available on the site for download and there is no link to find it?  I had to find the steps to actually apply image and device tree overlay files in a forum post.